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Internet Engineer

w/ sim "security in mind"

Our Profession is Coding
zam-zeda ad machine / open source software installation

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The New Oregon Trail, OR/ID USA / 541-633-9323

The Red Line
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ed the editor

"Hi my name is Randy Poole, We Specialize in Open Source Software Installation, Machine Learning, Data Base Design & zeda ad machine. Thank You"

Work Demographics The New Oregon Trail, OR/ID USA


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Code Prices:
53 mile circle around demographic area "Nothing but Net" bid or $20.00 hr.
A funny thing has happened. We are finally at the point c-machine perfection. All my computers just purr, My 4core64 runs at .01% cpu use when it just sits there, my 3.2 single core runs at 12% just sitting there and the 2core64 purrs at 4% and it is that way 100% of the time. Plan to get heavy into this vertical. i do this with duel drives the OS drive gets deleted and reinstalled with ease. On my windows machine i do not use virus protection software. When i get on the net i use my parted magic OS pen that i remove before i get on the net. Everything runs in ram way safe. Current new extracted copy of firefox for linux, http and https ports open and i change the root passwd which is patedmagic by default. Plan to make and sell a pen drive or higher security a read only cd and player, marketstone distribution that auto's all this. Always Open Source...ed
Our secret weapon. The zeda search, an collaboration with all coders, with an agreed upon xml schema. So someone who has never coded before can easily tag any thing and they will know zeda search will pick it up...ed

Codes: Amazon Web Services, ML Machine Learning, Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, XHTML2, Flash Video Video Editing/Elements Html5 Video Images/ Flowplayer Linux Drupal Bash XML, and RDFa

Web Applications:

  • Content Management Systems

The New Oregon Trail, OR/ID USA 541-633-9323

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zeda ad machine

  • Our demographics is based on population.
  • The New Oregon Trail: Portland Oregon to Twinfalls Idaho.
  • City's: Portland City Center, Hood River, Dalles, Arlington, Pendleton, La Grande, Baker City, Ontario, Caldwell, Napa, Boise, Mountain Home, Glenns Ferry, Bliss, Wendell, Jerome, Twinfalls.
  • We have a 3 block ad on "database dollars" page.
  • We have an opt in ad program with our business/personal billboard pages and they get a cut, this gives us the demographics of a phone book.
  • Call me Randy T Poole 541-633-9323
    1. Your ad gets it own page and header, stats are accurate.
    2. After Your ad runs we will leave Your ad page up and accessible for 3 months. Great for seo.
    3. We have flash and html5 video.
    4. We let You know where and when Your ad runs.
    5. Our prices do not depend on click throughs
    6. We separate bots from real traffic.
    7. We do not use ip tracking.
    8. We do not allow any 3rd party scripts for security reasons.
    9. Sample at

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"Hi, Please support the Open Source Application You use with a small donation. Please stuff a few bucks in an envelope and send it to there address. Times that by a few million does really help, Thanks"

Experimental Internet Security - Hybrid Coding. Basically we take software and replace all name spaces with top secret names and symbols, then recompile creating a hybrid top secret code for our customers…ed
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The Squid One

Absolute Ab"so*lute, n. (Geom.)
In a plane, the two imaginary circular points at infinity; in
space of three dimensions, the imaginary circle at infinity.
[1913 Webster]

The Squid is Absolute the safest Net Swimmer on Earth

The Squid One



Price: Bid

A new way of thinking, when it comes to the net. "The Squid One brings together the worlds most advanced security hardware, software & support."

The Squid One Linux ditribution / Second to none security enhanced programs.

MarketStone.comet's Support / You will understand.

The Squid One runs on a read only live cd and has no hard drive. At shut down all caches are cleared. Public libraries & Schools uses this system to secure there network, after computer use an untouched copy of the system is loaded. How can any malicious code be added to a system if there is no where to load it? Answer: It can not.

"The Internet is not going to get safer we have to get smarter."

Modified April 1 2015

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3D Commerce

3D Commerce

We are creating The Thomas Jefferson 3D Mall where You walk into a store and buy merchandise. The lease includes shopping cart and later will include sales bots that can interact with Your customers. For now You should hire a real person.

3D commerce is the use of 3D gaming technology for commerce.

Let’s say You are a luxury resort in the Bahamas and You would like to show Your 6 billion customers what the resort and there rooms will look like. You hire us to create an exact replica of Your resort in 3D that anyone on the Net can interact and do a walk thru. The cost: We still need to finish building our mall. We plan to use and create all Open Source software and libraries written in c++ to create competition and great innovation that only Open Source can do. We can reuse much of the 3D renderings from other projects so we plan to bring cost to affordability. Thank You....ed

Modified April 1 2015





Hi, from Randy

Man i Love this stuff!

Arbor NetMap Web App


HTML5 and JS, nice work everyone!. (does not work in IE)


Thanks to:

Arbor’s design is heavily influenced by Jeffrey Bernstein’s excellent Traer Physics library for Processing. In addition, much of the brute-force physics code was originally adapted from Dennis Hotson’s springy.js.

The Barnes-Hut n-body implementation is based on Tom Ventimiglia and Kevin Wayne’s vivid description of the algorithm. Thanks to all for such elegantly simple and comprehensible code. (from


Arbor is released under the MIT license.